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Homeschool Parents and Students Love Founders Academy

Read what others have to say about my online classes for history, government, and economics.

Parent Testimonials for Founder Academy


I wanted to thank you for the wonderful class this semester. Colin loved it, and learned so much. This was the first online class he’d ever taken and after getting used to the work load, he was very invested in his progress and took the initiative to work hard on all of the assignments with little prompting from me. You organized and conducted the class so well; my husband and I were very impressed with the content and the relevance of the projects. Thank you again! by Christine Heister, parent

I must commend you again for what you do! We have had some incredible conversations with Chris after completing your [government] class. You do an wonderful job of instructing the children about real government not politically correct government! Huge thank you!  by Diane S., parent

Class time wasn’t about going through the motions of the textbook, but discussing present news stories and bringing subjects to life!  Mrs. Schott had us look at government through a biblical perspective and instilled in us the confidence to set our own opinions. by Lynzi A., student

Kathy Kerber TestimonialThank you for taking time to invest in this generation, Mrs. Schott, and for giving them the tools to handle their civic responsibilities! I look forward to seeing Brandon grow in his knowledge and understanding of our country’s founding documents. by Kathy Kerber, parent

I cannot say enough positive things about Founders Academy. EVERY course has been amazing. They hold my 5 year old and 6 year old’s attention. Lynn does a great job with all age groups. All her courses give the facts about government, history, etc. Even I learn a thing or two from her courses. The price for these classes is amazing too. And each one is recorded so you can go over the information with your children again even after the live class is over. by Kathy B., parent

Thank you for all the classes. I really enjoyed them, especially government.  I learned so much.  I now also feel like I have such a better grasp on the Founding Father’s intentions for America.  It is a necessity for all Americans to fully understand our Constitution and what it says-your class has done that for me.  Thank you and I hope to do more classes with you later in high school. by Heather H., student

Fun class!! For such ridiculously low price, we have entertainment, education, crafts, conversation and history of the American Flag. The children started working on the craft immediately following class. My 7 year old was attentive and involved himself throughout. Fantastic class. by Maree J., parent

It has been fun taking classes from you and learning much about our government and economical systems. by Bjorn P., student

Mrs. Schott was very good with the kids and really kept them interested as they learned. She had them interacting a lot with her as they learned. Interesting and great with the younger crowd! by Carla P., parent

Janell Granath testimonial

Very informative, thorough and clearly presented. Mrs. Schott is a great and enthusiastic teacher. by Tamara S., parent

My two high-schoolers are enjoying this class, and are already learning a lot. They now know more about the presidential candidates than me! 🙂 No regrets on signing up for this class. by Amanda D., parent

My son is a middle schooler. I was really happy with how much government he learned in our fall session and we didn’t complete all the course work. I know when we do government again in high school he will fully understand it all cause of this exposure. We are still wrapping up translating the constitution. I only tell you that cause he is very proud to tell people that he is translating the constitution and he really is looking forward to having completed it. Thanks for your efforts. by Karen S., parent

Loved this class!! Mrs. Schott made difficult material understandable and interesting! As mom, I enjoyed watching this class with my daughter and being able to interact with her about what was presented. The three major projects were very practical and my daughter learned a great deal from each of them. Mrs. Schott also included some outstanding video clips. I wish I had learned this stuff in high school! Excellent class! by Judith J., parent

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