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Sensational Signers

Sensational Signers of the Declaration

Date: Not Currently Scheduled – Please Check Back


Ages:  Best for ages 7 to 13, and high schoolers who have not studied American History

Cost: $49

Sensational_Signers_learning_goals (PDF)

This is a great class for the whole family, and especially your young students.

Based on the books, Lives of the Signers and Wives of the Signers, we’ll uncover the amazing true life stories of the sensational signers of the Declaration of Independence.

We’ll examine the super character traits exhibited by the signers and their wives as they stood for liberty.

Together we will explore the Declaration of Independence and learn what the document says, and why it was so dangerous for the Founding Fathers and Mothers to support it.

Children will be encouraged to identify positive character traits that they can try and copy for their own lives.

Children will compare the differences in culture then and now, and realize how things have changed, especially for women.

Let’s learn about the sensational men and women who set us on the path of liberty so long ago.

Here’s who we’ll learn about:

Week 1

  • John and Dorothy Hancock
  • John and Abigail Adams

Week 2

  • Josiah and Mary Bartlett
  • William and Katharine Moffat Whipple
  • Richard Henry Lee and Anne Aylett Lee

Week 3

  • Matthew Thornton and Hannah Jack Thornton
  • Samuel Adams and Elizabeth Checkley Adams / Elizabeth Wells Adams

Week 4

  • Robert Treat Paine and Sally Cobb Paine
  • Elbridge Gerry and Ann Thompson Gerry
  • Stephen Hopkins and Sarah Scott Hopkins

Week 5

  • Roger Sherman and Elizabeth Hartwell Sherman / Rebecca Prescott Sherman
  • Samuel Huntington and Martha Devotion Huntington

Week 6

  • Francis Lewis and Elizabeth Annesley Lewis
  • William Floyd and Hannah Jones Floyd
  • Philip Livingston and Christina Ten Broeck Livingston

Week 7

  • Richard Stockton and Annis Boudinot Stockton
  • Rev. John Witherspoon and Elizabeth Montgomery Witherspoon
  • Benjamin Franklin and Deborah Read Franklin

Week 8

  • Dr. Benjamin Rush and Julia Stockton Rush
  • Charles Carroll of Carrollton and Mary Darnell Carroll
  • Thomas Jefferson and Martha Wayles Jefferson

Join us this fall to discover fun facts about our Sensational Signers of the Declaration.


Course Books

Lives of the Signers
Wives of the Signers

Lives of the Signers-Wives of the Signers

An online text of Lives of the Signers is available in the public domain and may be downloaded to your digital device.

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