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Christmas Quotes from Presidents Reagan and Bush Copywork free printables from

Merry Christmas! Here are two presidential quotes that were given at Christmas. Both quotes reflect the faith of the men who spoke them and demonstrate the Christian roots of the holiday.

I made these quotes into copywork pages for your children. Each quote has a two page spread and comes in both print and cursive formats for set of eight free printables.

Copywork is great for practicing handwriting, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and punctuation. And of course, the quotes offer a chance to discuss the thoughts of both Ronald Reagan and George Bush.

Click the thumbnails to access the free PDF.

Quotation by Ronald Reagan, 1985

“Amid all the hubbub and hustle this time of year always brings, we should not forget the simple beauty of that first Christmas long ago.
In the center of all lay the infant, born in the shadows and straw of a stable in Bethlehem, yet truly the fulfillment of ancient prophecies and the hope of every age to come.”


Quotation by George Bush, 1991

“At Christmas, we celebrate the promise of salvation that God gave to mankind almost 2,000 years ago. The birth of Christ changed the course of history, and His life changed the soul of man. Christ taught that giving is the greatest of all aspirations and that the redemptive power of love and sacrifice is stronger than any force of arms.”


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