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Inside Washington DC

Inside Washington DC

Dates: Not Currently Scheduled – Please Check Back


Ages: 8-18

Cost: $27

Live! Inside Washington, D.C.

This four week series inside DC is jam packed with great images and cool information designed to really help you feel like you are right there in our nation’s capitol.

We will take virtual tours of all the major monuments and sights around the National Mall. Enroll in our class, and you will not only get four packed one-hour teaching sessions, but I will provide you with project ideas and loads of links to cool websites that will help you continue your journey around Washington, D.C.

Join in the fun as we go behind the scenes and take virtual tours of famous Washington, D.C. landmark buildings and monuments.

  • The Capitol Building: Statuary Hall, Brumidi Corridors, rotunda, dome painting
  • Supreme Court Building
  • The Pentagon
  • Jefferson Memorial
  • WWI Memorial
  • WWII Memorial
  • Korean War Memorial
  • Vietnam War Memorial Wall
  • Smithsonian Castle
  • National Archives: Declaration of Independence, Constitution
  • Museum of American History: Flag of the National Anthem, the 1812 flag
  • Arlington National Cemetery and Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, including a video of the changing of the guard ceremony

So grab a comfy seat, fire up your tablet or computer, and let’s go Inside  Washington, D.C.


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