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Enrichment and Electives

These holiday and elective classes are designed mainly for ages 8-13, but the whole family can enjoy them together. Classes are listed in alphabetical order. Please see the calendar for the dates of the classes.

Air Force OneAir Force One

Calling all aviation buffs! You are going to love learning all about the President’s Airplane, Air Force One. Let’s pull back the curtain to reveal the super secrets of the United States’ official presidential aircraft, Air Force One.

Christmas At The White HouseChristmas At The White House

Let’s take a peek inside the White House, and see how America’s first families have celebrated Christmas through the years.

Constitution Celebrationconstitution_celebration 

We will honor the world’s oldest surviving constitution by studying the lives and times of the people who formed it and the ideals they wrote into our this magnificent document.

Easter in AmericaEaster in America

How does your family celebrate Easter? What are your traditions? Do you ever wonder how the President and the First Family celebrate Easter while living in the White House? Join me in my online classroom to discover just how Easter is celebrated all over America.

Flag Day single session class for the whole family from FoundersAcademy.netFlag Day

Our grand old flag is a beautiful symbol of America. We will learn its history, flag manners, the Pledge of Allegiance and The Star Spangled Banner.

Happy Birthday Martin Luther KingHappy Birthday! Martin Luther King Jr.

Learn why Martin Luther King, Jr. is famous and why he is so important to America’s history.

Happy Birthday USA

Happy Birthday USA

Celebrate American Independence Day American style with patriotic songs, a reading of the Declaration of Independence, stories of patriots and founding fathers, art and craft projects, and more!

Honor Our Veterans

Honor Our Veterans

Join us as we honor the men and women of our United States military who have served our nation with bravery, pride and patriotism since the days of the Revolution.

Inside Washington DC Inside Washington, DC

Join in the fun as we go behind the scenes and take virtual tours of famous Washington, D.C. landmark buildings and monuments.

Let's Give Thanks

Let’s Give Thanks

Don’t miss out on this fun, one-hour live class where we’ll uncover the truth behind the First Thanksgiving, and why we celebrate it in America today.

Memorial Day Remembrance

Memorial Day Remembrance

Join us in our live, online classroom to remember our brave men and women of the United States military who have given their last full measure in defense of our great country.


Mighty Mount Rushmore

You will learn about the men behind the faces on Mt. Rushmore and far more such as who the artist was, how much it cost, and the reason behind creating it.

Pearl Harbor Day RemembrancePearl Harbor Day Remembrance

2013 marks the 72nd Anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, “…a day that will live in infamy.” Commemorate this day by meeting together with other students to discover more about this important occasion.

President's DayPresident’s Day 

Let’s celebrate the nation’s best known presidents and take virtual tours of important historic locations.

Star Spangled Banner 200th anniversary

Star Spangled 200th – Our National Anthem is Born!

Learn what happened 200 years ago on September 14, 1814 and how our National Anthem came to be.

Tuskegee Airmentuskegee_airmen 

We’ll learn about the planes, the men, and the missions of our country’s most decorated WWII air units — the all black Tuskegee Airmen.

Winter olympic history online class with Founders AcademyWinter Olympic History

Compare the ancient games to modern day Olympics and get a dose of Olympic geography

Take me to the elementary classes

Take me to junior high and senior high classes

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