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Economics for Boys and Girls

Economics for Boys and Girls

Date: Not Currently Scheduled – Please Check Back


Ages: Best for 8-13

Price: $89

Discover how to think like a free market economist in this sixteen session class.

Based on the book Economics for Boys and Girls by Alan Dane written in the early 1900’s, we’ll uncover economic truths about how people make choices, and how they use their scarce resources:

Part I – Economy in Spending: at home, in the market

Part II – Economy in Production: Robinson Crusoe on his island, our populated world

We’ll start with the basics to set a firm foundation for making sound economic choices. Using a variety of audio-visual presentations and hands-on activities and interactive classroom discussion, we’ll discover how people make decisions to use their resources.

Students will learn about these topics in a way they can understand:

  • What is a need, and what is a want
  • Supply and demand, and how each affects price
  • How do we decide what’s valuable
  • Trade-offs
  • What is money: coins and currency throughout history
  • What is profit, what is loss, and why are they both a good thing
  • What is capitalism, what is socialism
  • Government involvement in the economy vs. free market liberty
  • What happens when the government tries to control people’s wages
  • What happens when the government tries to control what businesses charge

Weekly lessons include a variety of fun tools:

  • Interactive polls
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Video clips to reinforce discussion topics
  • Chat window for interaction among students and the teacher
  • Assigned short articles to read and light research between classes (optional)

Your kids are going to love this fact-filled class that uncovers the inner workings of our economy!


Course Book

We recommend the physical book, but a free, online version is available in the public domain if you prefer to read online.


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