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Date: Not Currently Scheduled

Time: 16 Week semester


Ages: High School (or advanced junior high)

Cost: No Grading $199 | With Grading $239 | Two-Payment Plan Available

Sibling add-on | No Grading $99 | With Grading $139


Economics 101 is a traditional 16-week course

Designed for High School and Junior High students who are solid readers and writers.

*Special Needs students are always welcome.  Let us know how we can serve your family.

  • Weekly live class meetings
  • Weekly current event assignments and presentations
  • Weekly reading and/or writing assignments to reinforce the assigned textbook lessons
  • Reading assignments from the great Austrian Free Market thinkers to augment the textbook, and make the concepts more interesting to students
  • De-mystifying the Federal Reserve
  • Student collaboration in break-out rooms
  • Semester projects such as: Personal Finance Project, Grocery Shopping Project, Stock Market Project
  • We encourage parents to stay engaged with students and monitor their progress. It’s our desire to help you, not replace you.

This class is designed as a traditional one semester course. Attend the live, online sessions, or watch the session recordings at your family’s convenience.

*Coming Soon: A Self-Paced course option

Students will meet with me in the online virtual classroom once per week for. Students will be able to see me and hear me via my HD web cam, and can communicate by type chatting. Students who have a microphone will periodically have the opportunity to speak with the class! Kids really enjoy the interactive nature of the class, and parents like the live format to keep their students interested and motivated to finish the course work.

This course is designed as a one semester (.5 credits) of high school course.

My goal is to help students understand and embrace the principles of the free market, and to appreciate the unique blessing they have of living in America.

Course work includes weekly assigned lesson readings, study questions and quizzes.

There are also projects to complete throughout the semester:

  • Current Event Notebook (semester project)
  • Grocery Shopping Project
  • Personal Finance Project
  • Stock Market Project

At the conclusion of the semester, students will have completed course work including the following topics:

  • Thinking like an economist
  • Economic schools of thought: the free market vs. Keynesian theory
  • Free market versus Socialism and the Command Economy
  • The failures of Socialism
  • Private property and unionism
  • Exchange: bartering and the emergence of money
  • Division of labor and specialization
  • Competition and Entrepreneurship
  • Income, saving and investment
  • Supply and demand, and the effect on prices
  • Interest, credit and debt
  • Taxes
  • Government debt
  • The business cycle

The coursework is challenging, and is manageable for most students. I will gladly work with parents to modify the syllabus assignments as needed.

Required materials:

  • textbook: “Lessons for the Young Economist”
  • positive attitude and a willingness to complete course work
  • high speed internet
  • optional headset with microphone and/or web cam

A textbook purchase is required for this course. Book information is provided prior to the start of the course.

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