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Easter in America

Date: Not Currently Scheduled


Ages: Family Event

Cost: $9

Discover Easter Traditions from all over America

How does your family celebrate Easter? What are your traditions? Do you ever wonder how the President and the First Family celebrate Easter while living in the White House? Join me in my online classroom to discover just how Easter is celebrated all over America.

Come to class ready to have fun!

I hope you’ll share with us some ways your family celebrates Easter

  • What foods do you eat at Easter dinner?
  • Do you attend church on Easter Sunday?
  • Do you get to decorate eggs and hide them in the yard?
  • Do you ever get a chocolate bunny from your grandma?

Join in the fun in our live, online virtual classroom. Students will be able to see me and hear me from my HD web cam, and will be able to see a PowerPoint presentation on the screen. Students will be able to communicate in a chat window.

What we’ll learn:

  • How immigrants have shaped America’s Easter traditions
  • Easter parades and celebrations all over the country
  • Learn about the annual White House Easter Egg roll
  • Easter recipes to try
  • Easter craft ideas you can try and home

**Optional** Do you have an Easter or Spring photo of your family that you’d like to share in class? Send it in, and we’ll share it with your classmates.

See you soon!


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