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Current Events For Kids

Current Events Discussion

Date: Not Currently Scheduled


Ages:  Best for Students ages 8-13 **

Cost: $37.00 for five live class sessions

**As this is a current event class for a bit younger group of students, we will not be discussing sensitive topics such as homosexuality or abortion. I encourage parents to assist younger students in choosing a weekly current event on which they’d like to report.

Current Events Discussion

Meet other students and discuss the news of the day. We’ll be holding our discussions from a Constitutional, Free Market worldview.

Students will be researching and presenting current events each week. I will provide a list of suggested news web pages for the students to use, but your family may use other web sites as desired.

The teacher will also present a chosen current event for discussion.

The entire class will be encouraged to follow ongoing national stories of importance throughout the class to maintain continuity, and aid in the learning process.

Join us for a lively class that will help you get “in the know” about the world around you! (Parents tell me they like participating in the class with their students, and discussing current events at home.)

Learning Goals:

  • Be able to search for and identify articles that inform us about current news events.
  • Demonstrate the ability to read and re-tell a current event to a group, and explain why that event is significant.


  • A Curious mind!
  • High speed internet access
  • Optional web cam and microphone


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