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All About Money


Date: Not Currently Scheduled


Ages: Family Event

Cost: $13


Come and discover lots of fun facts about the history of our Coins and Currency!

This two-session spring elective class is best for ages 8-13, and special needs students who have a helper.

First session – We’ll discover fun facts about our coins, and how they are made!

  • Who appears on our coins?
  • What are the coins made of?
  • Where and How are they made?
  • What does all the writing on the coins mean?
  • Images on commemorative coins: Lincoln’s birthday pennies, Lewis and Clark nickels, 50 State Quarters, and more

I’ll provide lots of links to coloring and activity pages so you can learn more about coins at home.

Second session – Let’s uncover the secrets of our paper money!

  • Why is there a pyramid and an eye on the $1 bill?
  • What does the eagle symbol mean?
  • Has our money always had Presidents on it?
  • What is counterfeiting?
  • How long does our paper money last before it gets worn out?
  • Who makes the paper money?
  • How does the government prevent counterfeiting?

I’ll provide you with links to neat web sites where you can go and research even more about the markings and symbols on our money. We’ll even take a virtual tour of the new $100 dollar bill with all of its security features.

Did you know there’s a gold inkwell on the new $100?

**Bring some different coins and paper bills with you to class so you can look at them while you learn. I will probably ask you some questions about your money.

Join me, and let’s have fun learning all about money.


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