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Founders Academy offers online semester and short session elective classes in economics, government, and American History for your students. Lynn Schott is an educator with more than 20 years experience teaching students from elementary age through adults.  She is passionately patriotic about our great country, and is eager to help young people understand our founding documents, and embrace Constitutional and economic liberty. Founders Academy offers classes for elementary through high school students.

Founders Academy specializes in engaging and exciting live instruction classes for ages 8 and up. Dynamic class discussions, intriguing projects, and a focus on current events will help students remember the material. An advocate for tailoring learning to the student’s needs, Lynn sees that online education will be the new frontier for truly ‘democratic’ learning–learning in a way that puts the individual and the family in control. She wants to be at the forefront of offering solid instruction in U.S. Government and Economics and related subjects in the online classroom.

Lynn Schott holds a B.A. in Business Administration from California State University, Fullerton, and has classroom teaching experience as an instructor for U.S. Government and Economics with BIOLA University’s STAR program, as well as co-op groups in private homes. Lynn has also worked as a travel school instructor teaching adult students how to use the airline reservation system. She has completed some post-graduate courses, and has attended a number of teacher in-service and educational seminars through Acton Institute, Annenberg Foundation, Library of Congress, and the California History Project. She started Founders Academy online classes after her third child graduated from high school.

Lynn Schott is currently serving her city as an elected Councilwoman. She was elected to serve her State Assembly district as a county party Central Committee member, and was appointed to serve on two city commissions before her city council election.

The Schott Family


Lynn Schott lives in Southern California with her husband of 31 years. The family has three adult children.

Their eldest son is an IT professional and expert at writing code. He was a college honors student, and holds a degree in Aeronautical Science, Professional Flight, and a minor in Computer Science. He enjoys the outdoors.

Their daughter is also a college graduate, receiving her degree in Biology. She enjoys high adventure sports, and is a soccer enthusiast. She particularly enjoys mentoring high school youth.

Their youngest son is pursuing his degree in mechanical engineering. He is studying computer modeling, welding, and holds certificates in Solid Works and technical writing. He enjoys spending time listening to all kinds of music, and doing art projects.


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