Flag Day Mini Lesson

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FREE Flag Day Mini Lesson

Flag Day is a holiday that takes place each year on June 14. On that day, we commemorate the adoption of our flag and the history that brought it to us in its modern form. To help you teach your children about the history of our American flag, I’ve created this free mini-lesson that includes a video plus printable handouts. Print the handouts ahead of time so your children can fill them out as they listen to the presentation.


Flag Day Mini-lesson Handouts

Video Presentation

Learn more by attending my single session Flag Day class when we go into much more detail about flag history, flag care, the Pledge of Allegiance, and our national anthem The Star Spangled Banner. The whole family can attend for just $9.00.

Flag Day single session class for the whole family from FoundersAcademy.net

Date: Monday, June 9, 2014

Time: 1-2 pm Pacific Time | 3-4 pm Central Time

Ages: Family Event

Cost: $9.00


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