How to Get Started With Civic Engagement

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How to Get Started With Civic Engagement Lynn Schott of Founders Academy

Many Americans are very concerned about the direction in which our nation is going. Many are becoming resigned to the trend of an ever-encroaching government, and shrinking liberties.

Of the People, By the People

It can be very frustrating and overwhelming to watch what’s going on around us, and to feel our loss of freedom. Many of us have never been involved politically, and now realize that we should have been.

When I talk to people who are concerned, but don’t know where to start, I encourage them to start right where they are, and plan to set aside some of their time for civic engagement. Our government is based on citizen involvement, and so it really is not optional for us all to give some time each week, month, and year to our civic duty.

#1–VET local and state candidates who are running for office in your upcoming election.  Visit their campaign office, or go to their public events, and ask them questions about important local and state issues.

Do this to be an informed voter.

#2–INVOLVE your kids by taking them with you to these events, and if they are old enough, let them ask questions as well.

Explain to them that in many countries around the world, citizens are not free to question candidates or elected officials.

Encourage your children to value their American citizenship and liberties. Help them understand how vital civic participation is to our Republic.

#3–BE an influencer. Set up a blog (let your students set up a blog, too!) and post your voting recommendations. Link to it on social media.

Print your recommendations and pass them out in your neighborhood, or at your church or other community organization.

#4–RUN for office yourself. This is what I’m doing. Not everyone will choose this route, but some of us have to run and get elected, or nothing much will change.

Each American must ask himself, “What am I doing to restore and promote liberty?” It doesn’t matter that others are not acting. It matters that each one of us does.

Wishing you a blessed Independence Day!

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