Constitution Week: Why Did America Need a Constitution?

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Constitution Week: Lessons for Homeschoolers

constitution lessons for homeschoolers

Welcome to Day One of a five day Constitution Week series. We celebrate Constitution Day on September 17th, the anniversary of the day this great document was signed by the Constitutional Convention in 1787. We hope that you will use these five daily lessons in your homeschool to help teach your children about the longest surviving Constitution in world history.

Day One – Why Did America Need a Constitution?

Welcome to Constitution Week. I’m Lynn Schott with Founders Academy.

Constitution Day is celebrated on September 17th, and on that day we mark the anniversary of the day our Constitution was signed by the members of the Constitutional Convention in 1787.

Following the Revolution, the US operated under the Articles of Confederation, which had been ratified in 1781, even before the Revolution had ended.

Soon afterward, life in America under the Articles of Confederation became unworkable.
The national Congress had
–no power to tax the states to raise money for an army
–no power to regulate commerce
–no power to enforce any measure passed by the national Congress
–no executive to lead the Confederation
Each state operated like its own independent nation.

In 1785, a committee of congress issued a recommendation that the Articles of Confederation be altered, and that all the states should send representatives to a national meeting.  In 1787 that meeting occurred, and would later be known as the Constitutional Convention. George Washington was unanimously elected to lead the Convention.

Join me tomorrow, and each day this week, for more facts about our Constitution, the longest surviving Constitution in history.

 Day Two: Democracy or Republic?

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