Homeschooling for Night Owls

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It's Okay to be a Homeschooling Night Owl (Founders Academy)

Are you an early riser who bounces out of bed, ready to tackle the world? Or are you a night owl like me who is just finishing work and laying my head down as the early birds are Tweeting #HelloMornings to each other?

I love my early bird daughter and my early bird friends. They’re even more darling after 10am. Hello, my name is Lynn, and I am a night owl.

I like being a night owl, but I learned long ago that a great many early birds think I’m lazy and undisciplined.

‘Over and over I read parents’ posts, or hear them describe their little night owl’s body clock patterns as ‘bad habits’. Wow.’

The good news for me is that I no longer own the lazy description, but I am saddened by those who cannot see how their biased attitude toward us night owls keeps them from understanding our awesomeness! Seriously, who else is wide awake enough to drive the sick child to the ER at 1am and then stay up through the night and into the next day, or sit up all night with a teen who really needs counsel? And more disturbing is the tendency to couch the condescending attitude about my 10am wake up time in a ‘Christian’ cloak.

I am a night person. I go to bed between 2-3 am. I wake around 8. If I didn’t work, I would wake between 10 and 11 am. I have been on this body clock schedule all of my life. My mother is a night owl, my grandmother was a night owl, my brother is a night owl, and two of my three children are night owls.  We night owls get up in the morning and get our coffee and sit on the couch and watch cable news while we wake up. (TV watching is another topic that draws religious pronouncements) I am not hungry until about 10-10:30am, no matter how early I awaken. I homeschooled all three of my children, and I put as much effort into my parenting, and their education, as anyone. My children are all very successful in life and are walking with the Lord. Our family doesn’t fit the ‘formula’ or early to bed, early to rise, but we have tried to please God.

Parents, we are not saved nor sanctified by a particular formula. Beware the parent who proclaims their homeschool formula as the way to please God, and raise godly children.

We are not saved, nor sanctified, by a formula. We are not saved nor sanctified by watching TV, nor by getting rid of it. Thinking so is prideful. It is quite unfair to say that someone who wakes later and works long into the night has ‘bad’ habits. Walk humbly with our God.

Perhaps you’re struggling with your husband over the different body clock schedules. Sit with your husband, as I did with mine years ago, and work out your scheduling expectations. We are a happy family, married 28 years with 3 well-adjusted, successful, godly children, and who have a wonderful compromise worked out relative to our early bird/night owl differences. We respect the way God has designed us, and we have learned to appreciate one another. My prayer is that you can too.

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