Elf Week Day Two: Mail Cards and Begin Shopping

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Elf Week: Five Days to Christmas Peace and Joy in Your Homeschool Founders Academy
On Day One, you prepared your Christmas cards and family newsletter for mailing. That was a big job, and hopefully it was a fun and educational task for your precious Elves.

Day Two–Today is the day to mail those cards and get some shopping done. Before leaving home, make a list of items you need to purchase for siblings, dad, or grandparents. Discuss what items you are going to purchase, and talk about the budget limit for each gift. Ask older Elves to bring calculators to help keep track of how much is being spent.

Gather up some snacks for the car, make sure the Elves have comfy shoes on, and head out to the Post Office. If possible, let the Elves put the envelopes in the mail slot or hand them to the counter clerk. I know it’s a hassle to go inside the building, but it adds to the excitement when the Elves can get into the hustle and bustle of the season. Another option is to choose one Elf to sit next to the driver side back seat window. Pull up to the drive thru mailbox so that the back seat Elf’s window is aligned with the box, and let him/her push the cards into the slot.

When you get to the store or the mall, take your time if possible. Focus on finding the items on your list, and have the Elves check prices against the budget. Keep track of each gift you put into your cart. Have the Elves keep a list of items and their prices so that there are no surprises when you get to the check out.

*Tip: Consider getting inexpensive gift bags and tissue in which to wrap the gifts. It’s really easy for Elves to wrap tissue around a gift, then place it in a gift bag and tie some ribbon on the handles. Gift bags will save time and tempers, and leave more time to have peace and joy at Christmas.

After you get home, and everyone’s had some time to rest a bit, go ahead and wrap the gifts you purchased, and get them under the tree. I strongly recommend using gift bags. They’re just so easy for Elves to manage, and the wrapping job will go very quickly.

After dinner, watch the classic film, “Miracle on 34th Street”. This film is perfect for a Day Two activity as it has both a mail room scene, and several department store scenes. Put large blankets on the floor for the Elves to lay on, and put large bowls of popcorn and water bottles out for the Elves to snack on.

You’ve had a full and fun day today, and it’s been very productive! Two days down, and three to go before you’re all ready for Christmas. Aren’t you having fun? My Elves and I had such fun getting ready for Christmas during our Elf Weeks. I trust you will too. See you tomorrow for Day Three.

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Elf Week: Five Days to Christmas Peace and Joy in Your Home


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