Elf Week Day Five – Spend Time With Grandparents

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Elf Week--Five Days to Christmas Peace and Joy in your Homeschool

Some of the most precious memories our family has had during Christmas stem from the time we spent with my parents. My mom and dad love my Elves so much, and the Elves adore their grandma and grandpa. Grandma and Grandpa always made Christmas magical for my Elves.

When my Elves were school aged, the highlight of Elf Week was the whole day that my Elves spent at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Each year, Grandma had a new craft for the Elves to make. After crafting was finished, the Elves helped decorate the Grandparents’ tree. When everyone’s stomachs began to growl, Grandpa would go pick up pizza for everyone. After lunch and some rest, the Elves got busy helping Grandpa hang the outdoor lights, and putting up the wreaths. Some years, the Elves would bake with Grandma after the outdoor decorations were up, then Grandpa took everyone out for dinner. My Elves spent a fun, full, and exhausting day with their Grandparents. They didn’t know it at the time, but they were receiving an extremely valuable gift.

As time went on, and the kids grew older, they still spent some time with my parents every Christmas if they were home from college, or when they had time off from work. Due to scheduling conflicts, they usually couldn’t all visit at the same time, but they all made time to visit. When my dad’s health turned for the worse, all the kids made time to visit with him and my mom, and help as much as possible.

kids with grandparents

On Day Five, spend time with the Grandparents. Many older people become less comfortable with going to the mall, and with driving in general. Today, offer to help them get their Christmas task list finished.

Here are some ideas of ways to bless the Grandparents on Day Five of Elf Week:

  • Take them to the mall for Christmas shopping
  • Help them order gifts online
  • Help Grandma get her Christmas cards ready for mailing
  • Drive them to the Post Office to mail cards and packages
  • Drive them to pick out a Christmas tree, or
  • Take the Christmas tree and ornaments out of the attic
  • Decorate the tree
  • Let the Elves help decorate the house and yard
  • Have the Elves teach the grandparents a simple craft
  • Bring over some of the baked good you’ve made, and have a tea party with them
  • Snap Christmas photos with Elves and the Grandparents
  • Take the Grandparents to lunch or dinner

Choose several of these activities to do with the Grandparents. You’re going to have a ball, and so will the Grandparents. Best of all, the Elves will have fabulous memories of the day.

After everyone gets tired, and is ready to settle down for the evening, why not settle in on Grandma and Grandpa’s floor to watch a classic movie like “White Christmas” or “A Charlie Brown Christmas”.

Grandpa (my dad) has gone on ahead to Heaven now, and we miss him very much, especially at this time of year, but we have the memories of warm times spent together. My parents formed a bond with my Elves that is unbreakable. I fully intend to be this type of grandparent when God blesses me with grandchildren. A grandparent’s love can change your life.

In this Elf Week series, I’ve focused on helping you set aside your normal school and homework routine for fun, relaxation, and quality time spent enjoying Christmas with your Elves. If you’ve been blessed with grandparents who are involved in your children’s lives, then this last day of Elf Week is the perfect time to honor that relationship with the gift of time for them. Enjoy your week, and let me know how you’ve added Elf Week magic to your routine.

My prayer is that Elf Week is not just one more list of things that you “ought” to do, but is a blueprint for what you CAN do with your kids, er, Elves. Most of all, I wish for you to have Christmas peace and joy in your home.

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