Beach School and Bygone Days

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It is a fabulously beautiful day here in SoCal, so I played hooky from work this morning (good thing I'm my boss) and took #3 son down to Newport Beach to get our fix from Seaside Donuts.

We had such a great time sitting on the sea wall eating our donuts and drinking our coffee while watching the people and shore birds go by.

Our family did "beach school" many times during our years of homeschooling. I would wake up in the morning, look at the lesson plans I had made, look around our school room and think to myself that I would go nuts if I had to look at the same four walls again that day. So I would pack 3 kids and most of their school work into the car along with snacks and limited beach gear (for when school was done), and off we'd go to have "beach school".

#3 son really loved these days. He would finish his work, then dig in the sand for hours. Spending this morning with him at the beach was a wonderful way to bring back a little of those bygone days into his young adulthood. It was a lovely morning.

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